December 10, 20092 Comments

Information Graphic Brilliance

I was sent this information graphic today and was struck by how effective it is. There is something that resonates with me.

It puts your brand at the center of the page and graphically shows you how everything encircles and supports said brand. The guys at the site provided this fantastic embeddable graphic below for you interactive pleasure and I just had to share.

September 25, 20095 Comments

Help In Choosing a Specialist. It’s in the Value.

There is a trend I have been noticing in doing business on the Internet lately and like any place of commerce you eventually see this. What I am referring to is the commodification of services. In other words, if you are looking for a programmer or designer to help you with an Internet based communication project; be it a website, email newsletter, SEO, etc., you know that one can find a variety of people that vary in skill set and professionalism with what services they provide. More people providing the same skill sets compete with others on price, thus making it a commodity.

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