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Turkey Time (actually no)

This Thanksgiving our family is near Lake Tahoe at a ski resort called Sugarbowl. The only catch is there is not enough snow for skiing. However, we are still finding things to be thankful for like the company of family and friends, playing games, and a little time in the hot tub. Thanksgiving tends to remind people to take stock of all they have. I tend to do that throughout the year and this day does make it just a touch more special.

Have taken some time for a quick post. Something special this year is that we are NOT having a turkey for dinner. We are having ham. So we spared the turkey but not the swine. Hey, a family has to eat.

While I am thinking of holidays. Here is my companies holiday greeting this year complete with a free gift of desktop downloads.

OK, back to the vacation from home and holiday time with family.


Moving. It’s so much damn work.

packing boxes

After 8+ years in our house my family moved last week. We started the process the week before with a medium purge of items taken to the local thrift store. Then about a week ago things started to get a little bit hectic.

Last week, Tuesday evening, I came home from work and my wonderful wife, bless her, has started the packing process while trying to entertain the likes of our three boys–not an easy task for anyone. Wednesday I spent the last hours at work until returning this past Monday. Our Wednesday and Thursday (yes, Thanksgiving) were spent picking up every single piece of what we own, deciding if we keep it, give it away, or pitch it. We managed to fill 2 dumpsters worth of trash. We also managed to fill one-and-a-half loads of a flat bed truck to give to a thrift store. Friday the movers arrived and managed to move 95% of our stuff in under 3 hours–amazing. That left me to get the final 2 loads of random items, wall hangings, paintings, and yard items (bicycles, etc) on Saturday and Sunday. By Sunday afternoon we had everything out of our old house.

There was a long, I mean very long, period during those 6 days where I thought that it would never end. Boxes kept getting packed but nothing seemed to be progressing. It was a sea of endless stuff. It was a very frustrating experience. The tipping point was when the movers took most of our stuff away. However, when I was getting those last couple of loads of items it was as if I was experiencing a mini relapse of what took place before the movers arrived.

The key I found with looking at your stuff was this:

  • have I used or seen this in the past six months?
  • if yes, keep it
  • if not, do I want it?
    • will it cost more than $150.00 to replace it?
  • if yes keep it
  • if not, give it away
  • if its not worth giving away, trash it

That’s a pretty simple flow chart of processing your stuff when moving.

I now write this entry from the living room of our brand new house. It’s an extremely nice dwelling and a great place to make a home. We are now in unpacking mode but that is much more fun that packing up.

Observations Thoughts

Most wonderful time of the year, the trifecta.

It really is for me. I have noticed this holiday season that I am truly blessed in so many ways. I have many things to be thankful for (sounds like I’m talking Turkey Day here). The combination of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s is interesting in what it causes me to do.