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Migrating a PowerPC G5 Mac to an Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro

I am moving from my 5 year old PowerPC G5 Mac to my new Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro.

Since I did not find a definitive guide on how to move your data, applications and preferences for my specific case, I am documenting here what I did for so that it might benefit someone else.


I got the point of starting up the laptop and going through Apple’s basic setup process. Simple.
However, in that process the computer asks you if you are moving from another computer. It wants to use the migration assistant. I strongly urge you NOT to use the migration assistant. It will bring over what you need BUT it will also bring over alot of junk that you dont need from apps that were installed and removed from your old computer.

My Custom Applications

Besides its better to start with a a clean install of every application. The best explanation I’ve heard on this comes from my friend Chris Foley (Hat tip to @foleypod).

He prescribes that a clean install is best. Moving applications over from your older system setup, in most cases, will require you to upgrade the software after you move it over.

You will be upgrading code that most likely was installed on a previous version of OS X (10.4, 10.3) and subsequently upgraded by you over time. DON’T DO IT. Clean install ensures that you’re getting code that is optimized to run on an Intel chip with oS X 10.6

And that is just what I did.

The strategy was pretty simple. Open you Applications folder on your old computer, review each application and decide what you want on the new machine. Google the ones you want on the new machine and you will get the latest installers that are correct for you machine (as many websites these days read in browser/platform information and can pass along the correct installer).

So I did that for all my Applications large and small.

What about application registrations?

BUT you may be asking yourself, what about registration data? Will I have to type in all that information again?

I did. I basically have all the applications on my laptop right now and as I need them I launch them and get the right data in place. It takes a few minutes more, but its less headaches.

What about preferences?

On some applications, SOME I will bring over preferences. On Adobe’s fat install, no. I will make new prefs, too much baggage there. On smaller apps, yes. Apps like Typinator, or CSSEdit. Those I will bring over because they are not bloated apps.

Moving Email

I followed this simple guide from eHow. How to Move Apple Mail Settings and Email on a Mac.

It has you move the Mail folder located here: ~/Library/Mail.

It also has you move ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.mail.plist

I also use MailTags and MailActOn. So I had to deal with their particular preference files.


Fortunately for me I can use the iTunes Home Sharing function to use most of what I need. I will copy over any specific artists as I need them.  I also have a large library of music on my iPhone too.

Then move files.

The last bit for me it to move over my working files (current projects) and my web development files (all my custom programming). That is taking place right now while I am writing this post.

Looking forward to working on this new machine.

Now I have to realize I can getup and take it with me.

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Thesis Tutorial: Sidebars However You Like Them


One of the things I learned from creating multiple custom page templates within the Thesis framework was how to create and modify sidebars. WordPress and Thesis provide you with a simple an effective way for implementing sidebars on your website with the use of simple syntax, options, and widgets. Continue Reading →

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New headset.


I have a new headset (thanks Kristin!).  And I finally took some time to recite the hours of text into NaturallySpeaking.  So that I can sit with my headset, and now type out what I’m saying is I’m doing right now.  The beauty of this is that there are small typos and errors in the text.  This is not to to my mispronunciation, but rather to the misinterpretation via the software.

So, I have not posted to the blog in a while.  I’ve been a bit busy as of late.  I am starting a new enterprise with a like-minded businessman, and that has kept me pretty busy.  I also have continuing work with my web communications firm.  And most importantly, my family is the busiest thing in my life.   Life is very busy right now, plenty of work and projects and family activities.  I really would have it no other way.  And in light of the current economic climate in the United States and the world at large I am a lucky guy.

So it’s kind of cool now, to be able to sit here and speak and have the words show up on the screen so that I don’t have to type.  As is said, the hand is quicker than the eye, but the hand is not quicker than your mouth. who knows.  I’ve actually might be able to post more frequently as, and on more topics.  Now that I have the ability just to talk and have word show up on the screen.  I do have to work on the accuracy of some of the words ‘has’ and ‘is’ sometimes swapped out for each other. 

So I will be posting shortly about official announcement regarding the new business venture that looks quite promising. We are not reinventing the wheel, rather we are using current best practices and best technologies in a way that makes them affordable to people that want to tap in to their power. 2009 looks to be a busy working here, but the fruits of all labor should pan out in the years to come.

That’s enough rambling for now.  Time to turn the headset off and get back to work.

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A Touch Up Was In Order.


Well it happens to most every web site sooner or later—updating the layout and look of everything—and this web site is no exception. The old design of this blog was many years old, did not support many features of WordPress, my blogging software of choice, and quite honestly I was just sick of looking at it.

This new layout is simpler, cleaner and easier to read. I have added a small feed in the banner from a twitter account that fills my avatar’s thoughts on a whim. Ultimately, this new design makes the content and copy more accessible and that my friends is what the web is all about. I have some new posts I have been writing offline. I will add them soon. Additionally I will be writing on some new topics, and be picking up the posting frequency once again.

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A long overdue initiative for email

ESP Logo

Today marks the start of the Email Standards Project. A project that is long overdue. For anyone who develops ‘rich’ content for emails can attest, it can be a b*tch to get what you have looking good in Eudora to look good in Lotus Notes 8. In my opinion its worse than the bad old days of the browser wars and before CSS was widely adhered to in browsers at all.

Basically it amounts to this. Designing and coding templates that display lovely formatted emails with images, etc. is very hard because of the wide variety of software not adhering to any sort of standard–hence this great new initiative.

So, if you have the interest or inkling, please help spread the word. Every mention will help.

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Jaw-dropping Photosynth demo

A remarkable display of image technology by Blaise Aguera y Arcas at TED. This video is certainly worth watching.

Strange that I just came across this today via a link from my friend Walker Cahall. The talk is a few months old.

The idea of how this image technology can impact those of us lucky enough to be online is incredible.

Please watch.

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Sharpening images for the web (and print)


A couple of years ago I attended a graphic design conference where I learned a great way to improve the sharpness and quality of images that are resized and then used on the Internet. This technique also works for images used in print as well.

Whenever opening and image and resizing–typically because you need to make it smaller–you inevitably make the image a bit ‘blurry.’ This is because when you resize an image the software you are using–most likely Photoshop–reinterprets each and every pixel in order to reduce the number of pixels and thus reduce the size of the image. Depending on the amount of reduction in the image the software looks at the number of pixels around a given pixel. It then determines what color that single pixel should be. When you are dealing with thousands, sometimes millions, of pixels and reducing it drastically ‘fuzziness’ is sure to happen. The image above shows the sharpen on the right half. Notice how the left is a bit “fuzzier?”

So the fix is this. In Photoshop there is a filter called the “Unsharp Mask” under the set of sharpen filters. I’m not sure why the filter is called “Unsharp” because it actually does sharpen. Anyhow, the key measurements to play with when sharpening an image are this.

  • Amount: 200%
    Generally but sometimes is too much–if so take it down to 100%, or 150%. Experiment a bit and see.
  • Radius .36
    To get the right number above, take the final ppi, or pixels per inch, and divide it in half and move the decimal 2 places to the left. So for 300ppi (typical print) images the measurement is 1.5, for 72ppi (typical web) its .36.
  • Threshold: 3 or 4
    Very little difference between the two numbers above. I typically use 4.

When entering these values you will see the shift in sharpness in the preview window. You can also click the “preview” box next to the preview window to see the effect on your larger image.

When things look good to your eye, click OK. Be sure to adjust as needed. You can tell when an image has too much sharpening. Just move the percentage slider up to 300% to see for sure.

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A whole ramble of thoughts

This is my first attempt at speaking the text of my blog. I am using a headset with voice dictation software. The title of whole ramble of thoughts is somewhat appropriate seeing that I am going to try to speak about many things here.

First is the foray into voice dictation software.  I have used this stuff before but have never been successful.  This is proving to be a rather decent experience.  I must admit it is a bit strange speaking and watching the words show up on the screen.  So here is to the future of what I hope to be more frequent, interesting, and thought provoking entries.

In my previous entry I spoke about modes of communication and since posting that I’ve given some more thought to the idea. It was brought to my attention by someone who read what I posted that there is real value in having a face-to-face meeting with people. I don’t deny the value in that experience.  However, when looking at the larger picture of where I am spending my time and what value is derived from where I spend my time it seems logical to me to be a bit more stringent, hell just plain stingy, with how I spend my time. That’s not to say that I will never have a face-to-face meeting with the person again, I certainly will.  I think what I’m getting at is assessing how important is it to meet with that specific person regarding that specific issue.  It’s more about assessment of the meeting than anything else.  Do you really need to spend that time doing that?  Or is there something more constructive you could be doing with that time.

Also since my last post I have been trying to clean up my del.icio.us bookmarks and have been experimenting with some new social media sites.  One thing is for sure, the interface for editing and deleting book marks within del.icio.us is too damn time-consuming.  You are only allowed to select one item at a time when it’s clearly possible to engineer the screen for me to see 25, 50, 100 bookmarks at a time and edit them simultaneously and then submit them.  However, I have been pretty pleased with the experience of using the del.icio.us website as a way to manage my bookmarks.  I primarily work on a Macintosh and I also use a Windows XP machine to get work done. Having the ability to access all my bookmarks from both machines at any time is pretty sweet.

Pro Bono.
Presently I have about three or four websites that are in the very final stages of completion.  I should be publishing them within the next few weeks.  It will feel great to have these projects done. I have some new work on the horizon and I need to clear the decks before I can get started.   A couple of these websites are pro bono websites and I recently read a great article written by David C. Baker of ReCourses that spoke specifically to providing pro bono work for the public good.  He smartly suggested the idea of creating criteria that each possible pro bono project would need to measure up to in order for you to work on it.  He suggested gathering an advisory group that would review potential pro bono projects and objectively measure them against the criteria that you’ve established.  Furthermore, he suggested posting a simple one-page application on your website and having that promoted in the local business community.  This way you would receive applications for your pro bono services.  These applications would be reviewed by your advisory group and they would select the most appropriate projects for you to work on.  This is such a smart way to include pro bono work in your creative practice.  Presently, my pro bono work arrives in my workflow somehow out of the ether. I really don’t know how it ends up there. What I do know is that I plan to employ this strategy for working on pro bono projects in the future.

This may be as many words as I have posted in a single entry.  This is largely due to the fact that I’m speaking these words and they are appearing on my screen.  It’s pretty damn cool .  But at the same timea bit disturbing to watch your words appear on screen.  I find myself pausing at weird times and that causes the thought process not to flow as well.  What I imagine happening is that I can eventually sit back and not look at the screen and the words will just come out of my head excuse me I need out of my mouth and into the microphone and onto the screen and here they are.  Overall I’ve only had to edit about five or six words from this whole entry.  The accuracy is amazing. Anyhow that’s it for now.

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