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A Website Realignment: Day 56: Branding Berchman

This post is the first in what may be many video posts (ie., vlog posts). I am exploring new content formats so this may appear to be a bit ‘raw’ and unrehearsed, but it is real. I’m not reading a script (although you do see me look off and pause—I’m looking at a whiteboard with notes).

So, how does this fit into the “Website Realignment” you may ask? Well at this stage I am assessing content and its function and role in the website:

  • What types of content do I use?
  • What content formats don’t I use?
  • Are certain types of content suited to a specific format? (Tutorials are always text?)
  • Should I have more than one type of content?
  • Am I making this not simple?

So here it is. The first video post. I plan on these becoming higher quality the more I do them. Would definitely welcome your comments on using this format in the comment form below.

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A Website Realignment: Day 12: Branding Berchman

The next step in branding Berchman.com is to develop a positioning statement.

From the brandeo website:

“Also referred to as a brand strategypositioning strategy, or brand positioning statement, a positioning statement is a succinct description of the core target audience to whom a brand is directed, and a compelling picture of how the marketer wants them to view the brand.”

I would adjust this for my purposes because I am developing a personal brand statement, not a corporate brand statement:

A positioning statement is a succinct description of the core audience to whom a your personal brand is directed, and a compelling picture of how you want them to view your brand.

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Interesting Comparison of Words

There is a great tool called Wordle. It allows you to input text in a variety of ways and then creates “word art” based on the repetition of words within the submitted text. The physical size of the words represent the number of times that word was said. So the word used most often in the text will be the largest, and so on down the line.

The past two weeks have given us the chance to see two men present very different visions of where they want to take the United States. I have taken the text of those two speeches, put it through Wordle, and produced the graphics below.

It’s an interesting experiment in not only what these men are saying, but how often they repeat specific words and phrases.

Click on an image to see it full size.

Obama’s Acceptance Speech.

Obama's Acceptance Speech

McCain’s Acceptance Speech.

McCain's Acceptance Speech

I find the contrast interesting.

What do you think?

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