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A Website Realignment: Day 0

Here is the beginning of what I hope to be a great series of posts. This series will chronicle—in as much detail as I can provide without driving myself or you crazy—the process of reinventing my brand and transforming this website in form and function.

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Being around lots of brainpower.AKA “The Force”


This past weekend I had the fortunate experience of travelling to the San Francisco Bay Area. I was helping my wife drive her Equestrian team to a horse show at Stanford University. We left Ojai on a Friday afternoon and returned late Sunday night. So overall we had 12 hours of driving in 3 days time.

We brought our kids with us and since my wife was busy coaching her team, I was the ‘decider.’ I got to decide what the 3 boys and I did on our weekend. I smartly consulted with friends who we were able to spend some time with during our visit. We asked them if they knew of any kid activites in the area since we don’t really know the lay-of-the-land. From what offerings were available I decided to take the kids to the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose and to The Tech and what a Saturday it was-busy, busy, busy.

The one thing I noticed while in the bay area was being around brainpower. It’s no secret that there is an abundance of brainpower in that part of the country. It is arguably the tech “mecca” of the world. It could be the largest concentration of technology companies on the planet. I haven’t done the research and would be curious if anyone knows the hard fact and could point me to it. The fact that I am tucked away in the end of a wonderfully beautiful valley far from the trappings of the concrete jungle does contribute to my isolation from like minded people. It was interesting being around so many technologists. I couldn’t tell you if one person or another worked in the technology industry, but I am a betting man. I bet that I could have shot a spitball into the crowd and hit someone who does work in the industry.

It was like living a scene out of Star Wars. I was in the strong presence of The Force. I could sense it. I could feel it and knowing that was cool.

ps. I know now that I am truly a nerd.

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Changes brewing…


Some people see their lives in chapters, or phases. One goes “through” these chapters and phases and either grows, expands, contracts, or evolve from whatever the experience may deliver.

What about the space between these chapters? The period of time between one chapter and another. Sometimes the shift is immediate, like having a child and becoming a parent for the first time. Other times the shift is long. It is an odd space to occupy for a lengthy period of time. Almost like being in limbo for an extended period of time. Sometimes the destination is known and its a matter of the starts aligning for the proper arrival. Other times “Destination Unknown” with life and the world unfolding opportunities in front of you.

To add another level to this idea is the thought that you have chapters of personal and professional life. Sometimes you are in a certain chapter of professional life, and a certain chapter of professional life. Sometimes one is in transition, while the other is stable. Sometimes both are in transition.

What I find interesting is the presence of awareness with relation to being between chapters. Being aware that you are in between chapters and not really in one. That is where I find myself at the moment. I am aware of the transition and it is both on a personal and professional level.

It can raise anxiety and stress, as I am currently feeling, but overall the experiences are about growth, evolution and transformation.

So, if you find yourself in a transition of change. Change between chapters. Be present, be aware, and be grateful for that.

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The Time of Your Life

Image from “A Bugs Life” by Pixar

I have been reminded this week that I am in the time of my life. A few things brought this on.

  1. My wife is away for the week and I am taking care of our 3 boys solo
  2. I am spending more time with my kids (which is great!)
  3. I am working everyday in and on my business for a bit (not as much as usual for the above reason)
  4. I am being present around  my kids and reflecting on that
  5. And boys will be boys (and how!)

I was driving with the boys from an appointment this afternoon. As is typical I was getting questions from the older two at random intervals while they were all watching a DVD (Ah yes, modern technology in cars—where was that when I was a kid. All we had was MadLibs). The movie happened to be “Bugs Life“—one of the many genius movies created @ Pixar. The questions were about “Do grasshoppers have wings?” and the like.

The movie happened to be at the end and the Randy Newman song “The Time Of Your Life” was playing in the background as I was driving home. The chorus says. “It’s the time of your life, so live it well.” The mountains were off in the distance with the sun setting. The golden hills were rolling by and it was just one of those moments when you realize “this is it!” This is the time of my life. It was really cool to be that present to it.

Even though I get lost in the moments of ‘stress’ and the rat race day-to-day, being present to my kids and their questions and comments, the scenery passing by outside, and then the song was the icing on the cake.

It is the time of your life, so live it well.

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My Birthday And Presence (not presents)

My Birthday

I recently celebrated my birthday. Birthday’s are an interesting phenomena. People in and around your life take time out to let you know you are important to them. Whether a small token, or a simple ‘happy birthday,’ the sentiment is sincere and kind. The feeling one feels on the receiving end are nice. However, wouldn’t it be nice to feel that ‘vibe’ every day?

Something has been happening to me lately. My presence in the current moment is increasing. What does this mean? It means that I am not worrying or stressing about “what ifs” in the ‘future’ or ‘past’. I am not getting caught up in an imaginary story that I am creating with thoughts that are just purely fiction. I am being present to what is happening right now. It can, and does, make me feel that ‘vibe.’

I think the more you give, the more you get. Giving out kindness to others comes back to you in forms of kindness. Some people call it karma. I call it being present to life in the moment. All we have is this moment right now. The future is an idea, the past is a memory. Making the most of this moment by being present to it can make your whole life, not just your birthday, a rich and rewarding experience.

Happy Birthday to you!

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