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Some thoughts on the first day of 2009

Photo I took of the sun setting where I live on New Years Day 2009.

Photo of sunset on New Years Day 2009. Ojai Valley, California.

As the sun sets on this the first day of 2009 I have had some time to reflect.

Many people look at New Years Day as a time to initiate their resolutions. In years past I have concocted my own list of resolutions only to find that 3 weeks later they were nice ideas and that was about it. Now every year I like to reflect on the year that has passed and take stock of my overall experience, strengths, and weaknesses from the past year. From this reflection I develop some overall areas of focus  in the coming year. This is not a hardcore set of resolutions like “I will lose 15 pounds,” or “I will stop smoking” (although I can add that to my belt—non smoker for 15 years). Rather they are ideas that I will spend mental energy on in hopes of making my life, and the lives of those around me, just a little bit better.

When I look back on my reflections from 2007 I can see just how far I have come during 2008. 2008 was a very good year for me professionally but more importantly I made great strides personally.

Time, time, time what has become of me.

2008 was a very busy year that presented a great many challenges for me. The biggest challenge of 2008 was time management. Using time well and effectively are so important to achieving goals and feeling accomplished. In 2008 this issue came up for me time and time again (pun intended). I continue to refine my approach to managing my time as no one tool or technique is the silver bullet.

Work, work, and work. But not necessarily in that order.

I am fortunate to be self-employed, learning new things, and been able to make a bit of money while doing both. It has been a great experience thus far. However, I basically make my money one way, actively. I do not derive any income from passive resources. An active source is like what I do. Trade your time and expertise for money. A very simple transaction. The passive model involves me building something (think e-book, etc.) that is created once and sold again and again without having to recreate it every time. In 2009 I am working on ideas of generating passive income and have some things in motion already. Lets just say that this year will prove to be a very busy working year to provide fruits of the labor afterward.

The suitcase and the onion.

Personally I have been working on myself quite a bit. We all have our suitcases of issues that we drag along with us through life whether we want to or not. Sometimes we open them up and deal with the issues inside, others may keep them shut and carry their weight with them all their lives. For me it was a year to open all the suitcases and lighten my load. Suffice it to say that I have opened all my suitcases, processed and discarded many heavy items, and I continue to find new items in the cases when discarding others—like the layers of an onion. I peeled much of the onion back in 2008—more than I have than at any other time in my life. I continue the work and discovery of self improvement with a much better toolkit going out of 2008 than when I went into it.

It looks like I will be spending mental energy (and time) on using time more wisely and effectively, working on passive income streams, and peeling back more of the onion. So here is to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

So what has your attention for the next 12 months?

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So much to say, so much to say…

The empty speech bubble.

Yes I have had so much to say these past few months. Really. Seriously.

I have had many good blog topics pop into my head. I have come across many good blog posts this year that have prodded me to respond either by replying after the post, or posting my own retort on this blog—alas, neither happened. There are many things I can point to and say, “that was the issue,” or “that was in my way,” but basically it comes down to one simple concept.


The management of time, the use of time, the juggling of time, the lack of time. ( I know that last sentence is a fragment but who cares, it’s my blog). It all boils down to time.

In 2008 the one thing that has sucked for me has been the management of my time. I’ve sucked at it for years, but this past year the chronic disease developed pustules that popped and started oozing goo that was stinky and foul to many people around me. OK, enough of the gross visual examples.

In some respects this may be a considered a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ or whatever—who cares. All I know that time management is something for me to tackle in 2009. I need to work on it and maybe, just maybe I might be able to post some more to this blog.

But really, who cares?

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Less Than 12 Hours Left To 2007…


2007 was a professionally prosperous and personally challenging year. I am glad it is about to go into the history books.

In business I learned a great deal about attention, focus, and negotiation. I made more money than I have any other year. I worked more hours on projects AND on non-billable projects. I learned that one should never compromise but rather negotiate–never settle for less than is fair. Get paid what you are worth. If you feel you are not getting a fair deal, get out. Don’t settle for less than what your time and effort is worth–you end up with bad vibes. I learned that when working on projects it’s imperative to keep people informed. Don’t let projects escalate and change outside of scope without a change order. Don’t think, “its just a little thing” because that will turn into a monster. I learned you can never ask too many questions, ever. I learned to make better, more informed choices. I learned that I need adequate time to create great work. I learned that I can get through a tough spot. I learned so much more than I can list here. Suffice it to say that I got more out of 2007 in terms of business knowledge and experience than any time before.

While in the midst of 2007 it sometimes it felt like hell I am glad to have had the experience. Here is to entering a new year with a whole new set of wisdom to reflect upon.

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15 Minutes A Day


I was thinking about the whole idea of having a blog and writing in general. Just like any exercise humans engage in one needs to “use it, or lose it.” In other words, you need to work the muscle whether that muscle is writing, designing, selling, making, or doing. Without use the ‘muscle’ will atrophy and your ability to use it efficiently and effectively will diminish.

So, in hopes of helping build my blogging and writing ‘muscles’ I plan to take only 15 minutes a day to write something relevant to the things that I am working on and things I am passionate about. To do this all I need is an Internet connection, WordPress for blogging, a copy of Mineteur to keep me on time, the free stock image website , the ideas in my head, and my fingers to type. With those elements I plan on posting once a day during the business week and perhaps on the weekends should time permit.

Here is my first resolution of the new year.

Ack! New years resolutions—perhaps that will be Mondays post.

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10 Best Intranets of 2007?

How can this be?

I recieved this in my inbox this morning from Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox.
How can we already know the top 10 of 2007 when we are only 3 weeks into the new year?

Perhaps he meant “10 Best Intranets of 2006?”

In any event, possible error aside. An interesting review of global Intranet design. Apparently Sweden is the best scandinavian country at Internet design—huh, who knew?

powered by performancing firefox

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Why we fight

On this first day of the new year typically a day reserved for optimism and hope for what is possible in the upcoming 364 days I watched a documentary that brought forth in me a great deal of pessimism. Continue Reading →

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Some people like to produce long-winded reviews of the past 364 days of the year—I do not. However, I will offer up some things I am interested in pursuing in the new year. These are not resolutions, rather they are what I will call pursuits. Continue Reading →

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Most wonderful time of the year, the trifecta.

It really is for me. I have noticed this holiday season that I am truly blessed in so many ways. I have many things to be thankful for (sounds like I’m talking Turkey Day here). The combination of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s is interesting in what it causes me to do. Continue Reading →

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