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A Truly Special Evening

Image of Radiohead on stage during "In Rainbows" tour

Now that I am a father of 3, married, and a business owner life is busy—and a very good busy. However, when I was younger I was an avid concertgoer. The list of artists I have seen live is long. Now that I am in a different phase in life the opportunities to attend concerts are far and few between. It’s an issue of value. Is a group worth the time, effort, and money to see?

The case last night was a solid Yes! I was lucky enough to see Radiohead at sold-out Hollywood Bowl show. I must say that the experience overall was first rate. Radiohead’s ability to recreate their very layered and textured studio music in a live venue is unsurpassed. Aside from the excellent musicianship the staging and lighting were remarkable. The use of LCD lighting in combination with multiple fixed cameras showing different angles of each band member was very simple yet highly effective. The light show was one of the best I have seen.

Overall it was a truly special evening of entertainment for me. Radiohead are a group that I really enjoy listening to and to see them live was wonderful.

If you happen to be a fan of Radiohead you can see the set list here.

When they return for another tour I will be looking for a ticket.

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Looking Forward…

Been working hard since my return from vacation.

Time for a little play tomorrow.

Going to see Radiohead @ Hollywood Bowl.

Find more videos like this on w.a.s.t.e. central

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The day the iPod died.

iPod 3G

It is a sad day indeed. My iPod 3G has died. It served its master dutifully and kept my rear in gear on the treadmill, stairmaster, eliptical (take your pick) for many a day. I received it long ago when it was the new hot iPod complete with custom engraving on the back.

Sad iPodAt the end of last week the iPod took a spill and since then I have not been able to get the hard drive to boot properly. I have scoured the Internet looking for all sorts of hacks and home rememdies only to find myself at a point where I need to make a decision.

The decision is whether to roll up my sleeves, buy a new Toshiba hard drive and resurrect my iPod from the ashes, or forgo the cost of time and money and just spend more money and get a new flashy iPod with a color screen. What is a mobile music starved dude to do?

Perhaps I just wait for the 2nd generation iPhone and get a new phone and iPod in one?

That just may be the ticket.

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Advertising Agencies need to wake up

Wake Up.

A blog post on NussbaumonDesign at Business Week hints that corporations may be beginning to get savvy about the future of marketing and PR on the web. Corporations are realizing they are literally wasting money. It is simply a matter of time for them to wake up and realize they are spending millions on a way of doing business that is dying a slow death and not getting very much ROI.

What do I mean?
The tools to communicate directly to customers and clients are right here on the Internet. The rise of easy, accessible web video, social networking, the blogosphere, the allure of viral marketing all provide the ability to communicate to millions of people for a much lower investment. The Internet of today is very much a do-it-yourself environment (or certainly not very much money). Think of how much bang for the buck you could get for all that Super Bowl advertising money.

A previous blog post I read and commented on at WebInkNow discussed how advertising agencies use their web sites as a form of digital ego stroking. The post goes hand in hand with Nussbaum’s above and should be a warning of things to come for agencies that are not swift to change their ways.

Here are my comments to his post:


Digital Ego Stroking is rampant among Ad Agencies, Architects, and Designers web sites. I own a design firm that specializes in website design and development. I can attest that a massive majority of these organizations have the logic of their own websites in reverse.

The focus of their websites should be on answering potential clients questions about their firm and what it can do for the client–giving the client substance. Not stroking their firms ego and trying to make their website look “cooler” than others.

People want content, substance, and answers from websites. They do not want animations, music, and other distractions standing in the way of what they want and need–information.

Don’t get me wrong, art and design have their place but it needs to be tempered with client objectives and goals. It is possible to design great looking websites that are information focused.

Just as the disconnect with their own websites is apparent, so too is their understanding of the power of the Internet. Granted not everyone at every agency or firm has their head in a cloud, I am not saying that. There are plenty of talented and smart people at these organizations that understand the Internet and its power. They just don’t seem to be in positions of power to make the necessary internal changes needed to cause a shift in “the way we’ve always done things around here” mentality.

What is the cause?
Perhaps its a generation gap. There is certainly some arbitrary dividing line between those that have technology integrated within their lives, and those that do not. I would say the 30 year old and under crowd is wired solid. They are using the web daily (if not hourly) for news, information, communication, and entertainment. Once you get above 30 the number tapers off unless you are involved in the worlds of technology in some way. Meaning that the older someone is, the more likely they are going to be separate from what is happening within this medium. That means knowing and understanding the power there is within the Internet. The key word in that previous sentence is understanding plain and simple.

Perhaps, are those in the upper levels of advertising agency management are just too old and out of touch?

I’m not sure, just a thought.

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