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A Test From iPhone

So I have had an iPhone for almost a month now and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. There are some things I have a beef with and I found a website that helps collect and lobby Apple for fixes.
Today I am writing this post from my iPhone with a wordpress application. This is interesting to type a post on the tiny keypad iPhone offers. A bummer is that I cannot insert a photo with my post. Perhaps I need to lobby the makers of this application?
In any event, the ability to post via mobile is nice and may increase posting volume. We shall see.

Whoops, spoke too soon. I can add a photo at the end of a post. Here it is.

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iPhone 3G, Will it Blend?

iPhone 3G

There is no denying that the announcement this week at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, or WWDC, about the new iPhone 3G lived up to most everyones expectations. It has a great set of new features, including my want of built-in GPS, and now has the architecture open for developers to start creating some great new and interesting applications for the iPhone. The phone is slimmer and also has larger memory capacity. All of this advancement and the most impressive part of the announcement to me was the price point, $199. That is really incredible.

Last year when the first generation iPhone came out I held back because I figured that the second generation would deliver better features and performance at less cost. This has come to pass so my credentials as a swami have just gone up.

The only question left for me is Will It Blend? Yes, will the new iPhone 3G blend? Like its predecessor the iPhone-you can see what happened below-the new iPhone 3G may blend even better. Hopefully Blendtec will give it a go.

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A Contest For A Free iPhone?

FeedBot from Upstart

At UpstartBlogger all that is needed for your lottery ticket is a post on your blog.

write a blog post linking to Upstart Blogger and leave a comment below with a link back to your blog so that I can see the link. At the end of January I will pick a blogger at random and send them a shiny new iPhone.

Here is mine.

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The day the iPod died.

iPod 3G

It is a sad day indeed. My iPod 3G has died. It served its master dutifully and kept my rear in gear on the treadmill, stairmaster, eliptical (take your pick) for many a day. I received it long ago when it was the new hot iPod complete with custom engraving on the back.

Sad iPodAt the end of last week the iPod took a spill and since then I have not been able to get the hard drive to boot properly. I have scoured the Internet looking for all sorts of hacks and home rememdies only to find myself at a point where I need to make a decision.

The decision is whether to roll up my sleeves, buy a new Toshiba hard drive and resurrect my iPod from the ashes, or forgo the cost of time and money and just spend more money and get a new flashy iPod with a color screen. What is a mobile music starved dude to do?

Perhaps I just wait for the 2nd generation iPhone and get a new phone and iPod in one?

That just may be the ticket.

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The iPhone Countdown

As I was reading some of my favourite blogs today I came across a funny website.

Called iphonecountdown the website has an image of an iPhone complete with days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the release of the iPhone. They even have a link to a PDF download that will let you print, cutout and hold a paper iPhone if you are jonesing for one that badly.
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Innovation how it’s really done

“It’s not too shabby, is it?” – Jonathan Ive

Well today Apple, Inc. (as it is now known) has again rolled out a new product that is truly representative of the term “innovation.”

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