Note: Recently someone asked to see all the posts from this series. They were reading the "Day X" as a series that was a post every day. Under that logic you would see there are many posts "missing" in this series. However, that is not the case. I am working on this project most days, between client work, and posting when I can. I have not posted in a while because work has picked up a bit. However, I have no plans of abandoning this effort. Stay tuned!

Making the Brand Visual

Now its time for the visual branding. This subjective exercise adds an element of challenge because whenever designers design for themselves it has the possibility of spiraling into a never ending reevaluation.

However, I have been thinking about the visual approach since I started this project. Paying attention to influences, likes, dislikes, colors, and typography for weeks now has allowed me to mentally prepare an 'idea board' in my mind.

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