September 25, 20095 Comments

Help In Choosing a Specialist. It’s in the Value.

There is a trend I have been noticing in doing business on the Internet lately and like any place of commerce you eventually see this. What I am referring to is the commodification of services. In other words, if you are looking for a programmer or designer to help you with an Internet based communication project; be it a website, email newsletter, SEO, etc., you know that one can find a variety of people that vary in skill set and professionalism with what services they provide. More people providing the same skill sets compete with others on price, thus making it a commodity.

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August 13, 200912 Comments

Working on Spec (aka Working for FREE!)

I had a client of mine—one of my first when I struck out on my own—email me about a conversation we had a while back. The conversation was about some new ideas regarding a website. It was a great talk and the brainstorming was fun. We left the conversation open-ended and, from my perspective, we would pick it up again. That day just came.

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