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Some people like to produce long-winded reviews of the past 364 days of the year—I do not. However, I will offer up some things I am interested in pursuing in the new year. These are not resolutions, rather they are what I will call pursuits.

  1. Get workflows happening
    I work on a Mac (great computer). The Mac has something called AppleScript and something called Automator. Both of these provide ways to automate common workflows, a.k.a. repetitive tasks. I am going to work on getting as many workflows happening in my digital life to help me process the mountains of information and digital data I go through.
  2. Play more
    The time I spend with my kids is priceless. I forget all my worries and have the best fun. In addition I get so much from playing with them (3). I see the wonder, the creativtity, and the spontenaity that so often is lost in becoming an adult. So, playing more with my kids is definitely a pursuit for not only this year but all years going forward.
  3. My digital life
    The state of my digital life is a bit fragmented. I have thousands of photos and many hours of raw video footage that needs to be reviewed, tagged, and processed. I think I will pursue committing 2 hours a week to this. That would work out to be 104 hours a year. Well, minus vacation and holidays, heh.

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